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- Hilarious webcomic community founded by yours truly, Gilgamesh.

- A combination Tifa shrine / CCA comics site.

- A huge, new fansite dedicated to celebrating our favorite fighting series.

- A big ol' site to Jon Talbain with just about everything you'd want on the karate werewolf.

 Evo-Star - A large, active video game community.

 Fighting Street - A fairly new site with lots of rare goodies about Street Fighter and related games.

 Chun-Li Shrines

 Sadly, most of the Chun-Li shrines out there have been dead for a long time. But for those of you who are interested, I've still put the ones that are still online here for your curiousity. But first, the live ones.

 Lethal Kick - Pretty much the only other all-Chun-Li website that's not dead, but hey, the two of us make up for it I think. ^_^ It's a gorgeous site that's not to be missed.

 Blaze and Chun-Li's Dojo - A multi-character shrine with an emphasis on Chun-Li. Because of that I don't really consider it a Chun-Li webshrine per se, but still worth a look.

 And now, the not-so-lively shrines of yesteryear.

 Stoopy's Chun-Li Love - The very first Chun-Li shrine on the net! It hasn't been updated in well over three years, but at least it's still up. Definitely worth a visit.

 Desmond's Chun-Li Praise Page - Des has been a good friend of mine for a while now. His Chun-Li page is pretty small and more or less dead, but still worth at least a visit.

 Beautiful Justice: A Chun-Li Shrine - A modest little page by Saberjojo with a very nice design. I don't think it's been updated in a while, though, so I think it's probably gone dead.

 B & B Chun-Li Gallery - I don't really like the tired old backgrounds or the design of the page, but contentwise it's really good. Hasn't been updated in well over a year, though.

 Character Shrines - Huge Cammy site with tons of resources. Bring a hard hat.

 The Card-Carrying Psychopath - A shrine to Vega, the Spanish Ninja.

 Sean's Vizinhanca - A fan site with just about everything you'd want to know about SF3's Sean.

 The Supreme Master of the Fist - A shrine dedicated to Akuma.

 Cody Convicted - A shrine to Metro City's fallen hero, Cody? I don't understand it either, but it's an excellent page and well worth a look.

 Other Cool Sites

 Kongming's Archives - Thanks to those wonderful Dynasty Warriors games, recently I've become more and more interested in the Three Kingdoms saga, and this is by far the best RTK page out there, covering the novel, the games, and the actual history. It's a site I often visit. - Anime and gaming news and reviews, plus many entertaining and intelligent articles. I have a lot of respect for this guy. Pay him a visit.

Sanzo-Chan's Street Fighter Saiyuki - Sanzo and I hit it off right away. It probably helped that she saw me as some sort of celebrity and says the first time we chatted she was so excited she was actually shaking, heh heh. Sanzo's a pretty cool chick who's done lots of sweet art for Oh, and her site's not bad, either. ^_^

 Land of the Super Anime - Not just land of the anime, land of the SUPER anime! ^_^ It's a new anime site, so there's a lot left to be done, but I hope to see some good things from it.

 SF Battleground - A well-kept Street Fighter page with a long, proud history. Not too many of those left, sadly. Be sure to check it out.

 Killing Intent - A fansite honoring the promising-looking Street Fighter comics by Udon

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